GK Global Inc. Cheering on The Eagles For this Super Bowl!

By February 1, 2018Uncategorized

This Sunday is the Super Bowl, and it is New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles. Many people might be rooting on for the Patriots and Tom Brady leading them to another victory. However, we think a bit differently at GK Global. For a team to push through and come towards the end with immense persistence is the most prominent quality of achievement for us. “The Philly Eagles embody that idea of persistence, drive and passion. Some of the guys on their team have never even been in the Super Bowl as contenders. It’s a huge deal for them, and we’re all watching with intent. The last time they were in the Super Bowl it was 2004. They have not won a Super Bowl title so it’ll be a chance for them to prove themselves,” says Bernard Decena, managing director of GK Global Inc.


We don’t dismiss the fact that the Patriots are good, but their dynasty has gone on for far too long. That makes it more of the reason for the Eagles to come through with the victory. We hope for change and persistence will bring that change. “We believe that sometimes rooting for the underdog means that they show a tremendous amount of potential. For this Super Bowl, the reason why many are keen for the Eagles to win is because this group is with athletes have pushed hard. During the previous games before the Super Bowl, Carson Wentz (Eagles QB) got injured. No one thought these guys would make it to the Super Bowl. But Nick Foles (Current QB of the Eagles) has lead this team to it, and it has become a phenomenal turn of events for this group,” says Bernard Decena of GK Global Inc. Which begs to ask, who doesn’t want to see the underdog defeat reigning champs?


Another great reason for the Eagles to come through with this victory is because they have not won a Super Bowl yet. It’s always a great victory when the team that has nothing comes through to win something great. It’s a story of persistence and hard work. It shows dedication and motivates others to do something worthwhile. For many of the athletes on the Eagles, winning this Super Bowl would give a chance at redemption, and a chance to bring home a victory that has not been reached before. We want to see that happen; we want this victory to be something that shatters the grounds of the NFL. We’re excited and ready to watch this game on Sunday.