GK Global Inc. Shares Professional Advice With Those Trying to Find Their Way

By May 16, 2018Uncategorized

When you start college or a specific goal, you have something in mind that you want to accomplish. For many individuals, it ranges from being a doctor/physician to being a thriving and flourishing entrepreneur business individual. Whichever route you chose, you will stumble and come across a certain uncertainty that everyone deals with. When that happens, our advice is to let you know that you are not alone. “Everyone goes through a stage in life where they feel lost, and they feel as though things are not going as they plan. This is normal because so many individuals feel the same way. Finding your place in life is not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. We understand that to thrive in this world a good career, goal or vision is necessary,” says Bernard Decena, managing director of GK Global Inc.

Our biggest tip to newcomers and entry-level individuals would be to try different things. Volunteer at different places, get a feel for what you are really meant to do and be in the world. Most times we like the idea of something or a career, and we assume that it was intended for us. Seeing that career in action often shakes us and helps us put our perspective in order. “I’ve met people to who were so sure about what they wanted to do, so much so that they went along with it because they assume it was what they had to do. However, when they got the chance to experience it first-hand, they backed out. Being in this situation and feeling like you’re lost is not a good feeling. Personally marketing, business, and fast-paced environments were something I had built myself on, and I knew it was the best choice for GK Global Inc and me,” says Bernard Decena of GK Global Inc.

Being lost does not mean you won’t reach your goals. It just means that you are finding your true calling and your way. It’s okay to be lost sometimes because it helps you regain perspective and focus. It enables you to hone in on the skills you never thought you had and it helps build resilience. These are some advice filled words and tips we’d like to give new grads and newcomers. Know that in being lost and discovering your passion, you will eventually find your place.