GK Global Inc. Representatives Volunteered at a Local Animal Shelter

By March 19, 2018Uncategorized

Recently at GK Global Inc., our representatives took the initiative and decided to help out our client in the animal welfare industry. “We take pride in being proactive at GK Global; we’re always trying to make a difference and finding ways where we can genuinely help our clients and partners in any way possible. This is what separates us from others; the defined ability to take the initiative and make a difference,” says Bernard Decena, managing director of GK Global Inc. Volunteering and helping out animals is a great way to give back and gain some first hand experience in this industry also. Being in a fast-paced business industry, we often forget that there are small things that matter tremendously. We all know that everyone talks about volunteering being a life-changing experience and to us it is undoubtedly true.

Our representatives took the evening to help out animals and made the sweetest four legged  friends. We believe that helping out and giving back to the community essentially means that we are contributing to something we care about. Our client in the animal welfare industry showed how equally helpful it is to be involved. By saving animals and volunteering it will help us make a difference in the smallest way we can. “The other thing we learned from this experience is that there is nothing to  be gained from this besides selflessness. “Many times people will not help others or communities because they are not getting anything in return, we don’t believe in this at GK Global. In some way or another our company lending a hand helps us learn vital skills on responsibility and management,” says Bernard Decena of GK Global.

Last but not least, by volunteering we instantly saw a change in the animal’s personalities and moods. We think by giving our fluffy friends love and attention, they became more confident and more prone to human-interaction. Witnessing this happen helped us develop a strong emotional sense to understand the environment. This is so important for animals, to feel loved and cared for. This is precisely what volunteering with them does; it benefits them and us in a very genuine manner. Spending time at this animal shelter was one of the best experiences we have had at GK Global, and we can’t wait to do more.