Our vision is to create interpersonal experiences between a Worldwide trademark and a person, not a customer, but a person. An experience described as extraordinary and special!



Here at GK Global Inc. our goal is to use the most innovative marketing and training strategies. We continue to successfully reach this goal by creating consciousness of trademark brands and implementing an enjoyable consumer experience by being the storytellers for our various clients.


We are experts in brand awareness, quality consumer experiences, creative events and adaptable marketing strategies.

Why Choose GK?

Here at GK Global our vision and goal are to have a KNIGHT in every point of the globe. Marketing on behalf of every 50-500 clients that we have. We show our clients that there is no one better at branding their product or services to their buyers.

GK Culture

At GK Global Inc. our consistent never-quit-until-our-client-is-happy mentally grants an experience our well-developed Knights in the shiny, marketing armor personally develop during dynamic communication skill workshops.

Our Mission

Our goal is to tell your brand’s story to your buyers. We want people to put their electronic devices down and have genuine dialog and meet an authentic human. We want to create rapport and friendship. We want to introduce the two as one; business and comradeship.

Thank you so much for the wonderful knights at GK Global Inc. for their hard work and dedication on our direct marketing campaign. The results generated were second-to-none with an extremely quick turnaround!


The guaranteed ROI is what appealed to me the most when choosing to market my product. A contact of mine recommended GK Global's direct approach to marketing and it has been a breeze to work with them. Thanks team!

Harry"Professional Service."
Knight your brand


We have massive goals to multiply, a lot of clients adore our style so much they want us to take it in to 21 more cities by years end of 2019 in Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, New Orleans and Detroit, London, Green Bay, Italy, just to name a few.

The GK Global Inc. Mission

The results over the last few months has been breath-taking and we can’t wait to see what the next decade brings for our knights throughout the globe.  ‘Always growing globally’ is our mission, and we’re taking every person with the guts to do the right thing and represent our clients with the integrity and quality morals as if it’s their own.

Can you keep up with GK?

We are unusual from every other agency because we are rising up and we are taking our clients into new marketplaces every day that flies by.

Why outsource to us?

Our Knights here at G.K. Inc. knows they are part of something not just electrifyingly fun but revolutionary.