GK Global Inc. Shares Inspiration From Jeff Bezos

By August 9, 2018Uncategorized

Some of the greatest leaders have had to work their way up, and it takes them years to become well-known, well-established and firmly grounded in their company. This is the kind of growth we’ve seen with Jeff Bezos and his company Amazon. According to an article on Success Magazine is written by Cecilia Meis, she writes “The story of Jeff Bezos and the rise of the largest online retailer in the world isn’t a new one, but it has staying power. In an age where business is hyper-focused on the next, newest, brightest idea, Amazon dares to rest its future on a set a principles that were written in 1997 when the company first went public. Bezos, with a net worth of nearly $130 billion, has rarely strayed from those ideals, and it’s earned him the title of Richest Person in History.”

At GK Global Inc., we are inspired by Jeff Bezos. His growth, talent, and patience have led him to become one of the most well-known and victorious individuals of our time. We remember Amazon from years ago, from then till now it has grown a tremendous and vibrant growth that has been evident to many individuals. “Bezos’s mentality is to focus on long-term growth and goals. He is always trying to make his mentality and drive towards that,” says Bernard Decena, managing director of GK Global Inc.

One of our favorite tips by Jeff Bezos according to Meis is to think big, “Amazon was never intended to just be an online bookstore or even just an online retailer. Books just happened to be the easiest entry into the marketplace at the time. And for Bezos, Amazon was just the beginning. In 2000, he secretly founded Blue Origin, a space exploration company, to fulfill his ultimate dreams of not only exploring deep space, but eventually colonizing other planets as a backup option for Earth. Think about your dreams versus the tools you’re using to get there. Don’t confuse the two, and don’t settle for the easier option.”