GK Global Inc. Examines the Importance of Team Building for Success

By September 7, 2018Uncategorized

For businesses experiencing sudden periods of growth, adapting to the changes that are required for success can be difficult. Such an endeavor is arguably the biggest obstacle for entrepreneurs wanting to scale their businesses to new and unprecedented heights. One of the biggest reasons for instability in businesses seeking to expand is the uncertainty that lies in the expansion of workforces; namely, how to properly integrate new team members seamlessly. Bernard Decena, the owner of GK Global Inc., recently announced a variety of team-building exercises for his company and explained why such efforts are necessary.

Finding opportunities where the workforce can gather and enjoy one another in an informal setting is crucial to maximizing cohesion, according to Bernard Decena. “People have their guards up when at work, making it more difficult to build legitimate, genuine bonds”, he said. “When you can bring the team together in a setting outside the workplace, employees are more likely to be themselves and socialize in ways that create the conditions for real unity”. While finding activities that everybody will enjoy may prove to be challenging, the ambiance and off-site nature of the gatherings are the most important point.

Bernard Decena has planned several team-building exercises for the new few months with his GK Global Inc. staff, including multiple outings with his Global Knights to NFL games. “I think that football is an especially poignant example of the virtues of team building”, he remarked. “In order to win, a game plan must exist, and teammates must trust one another to do what they’re tasked to do”. The intricate movements of a football game illustrate exactly how complex individuals can all work in sync with one another to achieve success.

GK Global Inc. understands the importance of working together, which is why these football games are such great opportunities for team members to see how teamwork can produce results in real time. While from an individual’s standpoint it can feel as if a victory or success story was produced through their efforts alone, it often comes back to the team’s performance overall that created the conditions for that success.

In order to build better relationships and produce superior outcomes, team members must feel connected to one another and understand each other in a personal, informal way. This strategy is one that GK Global Inc. encourages both within its own team and in conversations with its clients all over the world.