GK Global Inc. Reviews the Role of Negativity in Failure

By October 9, 2018Uncategorized

Positivity and an idealistic nature are required elements of entrepreneurship. In order to pursue lofty goals, dreams, and plans, optimism must be on the table. Virtually every entrepreneur begins with an idea that is transformative, meaningful and positive, using them to motivate and inspire others to join a cause. However, entrepreneurs and businesses can gradually fall into the mindset of negativity over time, which can be a death-knell for success. GK Global Inc owner Bernard Decena recently discussed this with a panel of industry leaders. They talked about how skepticism, negativity, and failure go hand-in-hand.

Business owners and entrepreneurs understand that hard times are unavoidable, but how leaders respond to them can impact the outcome. According to GK Global Inc. owner Bernard Decena, “Everybody, from employees to vendors and clients, can pick up on the prevailing sentiment being projected by leaders. When you approach problems with a negative attitude, it shows, and it can have a snowball effect on the morale and efficiency of everybody under you”. These negative feelings may not directly manifest as negative actions but can nevertheless impact the climate of workplaces.

Bernard Decena discussed one of the books he had read recently, titled ‘Believe It to Achieve It’, which tackles many of the issues businesses and entrepreneurs face when confronting crises and hardship. The book, according to Bernard Decena, outlines how imperative it is for leaders to tackle challenges head-on and with positive attitudes. It also lays out how controlling one’s thoughts and feelings will lead to better decision making on the corporate front during both good times and bad.

Negative thoughts and feelings impact workers, but they also impact business decisions. GK Global Inc. has explained to various clients how skepticism and frustration can ultimately result in the wrong decisions being made. For example, a frustrated owner may decide to scale back an expansion due to a recent failure on another front, despite the fact that said expansion would have produced a bounty of success. The reality of entrepreneurial jadedness is more prevalent than many realize, and it hampers both productivity and profitability when left unchecked.

In order to master the art of business and soar past any challenge, entrepreneurs must be ready to banish negativity from their minds and vocabularies. GK Global Inc. will continue to provide uplifting advice to its clients and help steer them toward positive decision-making, even in the worst of economic times.