My name is Bernadain Decena, I was born on May 17th, 1990 in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Before my marketing career I played collegiate football and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in organization communication. Additionally, I am a proud brother of the national fraternity of Alpha Chi Rho at Bloomsburg University. Traveling seems to be my destiny since birth in Haiti. From being raised in Brooklyn half of my childhood and then the other half in Philadelphia, I’ve traveled quite a lot! Shortly after winning my college football state championship with the Bloomsburg Huskies in 2014, I continued to travel across the country to Houston and California where I found my passion through helping others while traveling and hosting events.

From the very beginning was raised in a family-oriented environment by a strong and powerful single Mother, Belina Decena. Was raised in a 2-person household where my mother always encouraged me to find my own way and to be self-motivated and self-employed. To her it’s the only way to truly be stable. Took me less than 2 months of job searching after graduation to realize that you must be your own boss to have the freedom to travel the globe at the drop of the dime with who where you want. To me that’s “rich.”

One of the first life lessons I was taught was that you need to work for what you want. Dreams stay dreams if you sleep on them. My mother always informed me that nothing is given if you don’t put in the effort. From a very young age, that was the path that I decided to take. The path of action and applied knowledge. Everything I wanted needed immediate and contestant action, effort and follow through with a student mentality. The result always comes later. The feeling of my mother walking into a company with the Decena family name as the chief executive operator will last forever. Because “quitting on yourself and others is not in our culture. That’s why we will win in life Ben” –Belina Decena

Being an only child I was always viewed as the pacesetter for the “Decena” family name. So being the first person to graduate from my family in the U.S. with a bachelor’ degree to now owning a successful business (GK Global Inc.) is a dream come true for my family. From an entry level, promotional marketing position to managing my own firm, the obstacles have proven that a never-quit mentality builds character and resilience. Most importantly a savage in growth and development of others. This mentality will be used to take GK Global Inc. to the next level. Which is global domination of the events and marketing game. This will be caused by the teaching “swagger” of integrity, honesty, electrify enthusiasm and dedication instilled by the foundation set in the early stages of my marketing career.

My marketing journey started on the streets of New York City’s Financial District. Wall Street in Manhattan, New York created the businessman 39 states have seen to this date. During my travels I expanded to Atlanta, Georgia. For one reason, to personally develop my craft by partnering with some of the world’s most well-known marketing entrepreneurs. The cities of Chicago, Miami and Jacksonville, are where I received a unique opportunity to learn the other infrastructures of highly–touted, promotional advertisement and international sales firms. The focus was to learn a wide spectrum of marketing, interpersonal, client prospecting, human resources and social media skills. The insight and experience gained from spending 6 months on Wall Street then shortly after traveling statewide to learn how to run a business has given GK Global Inc. the ability and knowledge to attract the attention of the world’s most well-known non-profit charities. The great thing about it is that we get to do what we love to do. That’s helping people and having fun while we do it! I’m so proud to be working with the world’s most amazing team members or in better words, “KNIGHTS”. Can’t wait to continue finding more of these knights in shining armor that share this common goal. Working with GK Global Inc. on behalf of these well-known fortune 500 companies are just a bonus at this moment.